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Murakami Takashi Homage A Set of (3)

Murakami Takashi Homage A Set of (3)

$ 7,500.00

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Murakami Takashi - Homage A Set of 3!

The Art

Murakami Takashi. 3 prints: Homage to Yves Klein 1957 (2011), Homage to Monopink, 1960 A (2012), & Multicolor A (2012). Kaikai Kiki Factory . Each signed by Murakami and Numbered out of 300 editions.

Each Print Comes Professionally Framed

Each an offset print with cold stamp. 530mm x 738mm (approx 21in x 29 in). Ships together.


New. Excellent condition. 


Murakami pays homage to the work of Yves Klein, notable for his Nouveau réalismework. This is a Set of (3) Homage A-series of flower prints inspired by Klein's Ex-voto dedicated to Saint Rita of Cascia made up of IKB, Gold and Red. Murakami goes Avant-garde!!

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