Consignment Service

Consignment Service

Need To Sell Your Sneakers or Apparel Fast?

Our consignment team professionally photographs your shoes and makes them available to our thousands of customers. Our consignment team is dedicated to maximizing the return on your shoes to ensure your satisfaction.

We Only Accept Brand New Items for Consignment.

Once Item Is Sold we Will Issue you a Direct Paypal Payment :)


1)What is the consignment fee?

Answer: The consignment fee is 80/20. Meaning consignors will receive 80% of the final sale price. There is no fee to sell the item(s). We take only take a percentage after your item has been sold.

For example if you list your item for $100, your return is $80. There is no fee to list your items up, we only take 20% of the sale price.

2): Who sets the prices?

Answer: Consigners work with one of our staff members to set their desired sales prices for their own items. Prices will vary depending on rarity, condition, size availability, and on how quickly the seller wishes to sell.

3): What if I want certain prices for my item(s)?

A: We deal with the consignor directly in order to find a fair price for any item that is consigned with us. We make sure to give a price that is fair for our customers, as well as our consignors.

We recommend our consignor to set their item price at current market value. Prices for similar items may vary depending on the condition, size, rarity, and how fast do they want it to be sold.

4): What products can I consign?

Answer: Sneaker MUST BE Brand New in Deadstock Condition. We solely accept AUTHENTIC items will be accepted.

5): Where can I drop of my item(s)?

A: Items must be shipped to Our physical storage location and will provide via Fax a Physical contract an Paypal Agreement. We will be fully responsible for your shoes an up keeping.

6): How long will it take for my item(s) to sell?

Answer: The length of time it takes for an item to sell varies. We do not guarantee a specific time frame for selling items.

7): When will I know when my item(s) is/are sold?

Answer: We will notify you via email and phone when your item is sold.

8) How will I get the money for my item(s) that have been sold?

Answer: We issue a payment Via Paypal.

9) What if I want my item(s) back?

A: All consignors may withdraw their item(s) at anytime. Any item that is withdrawn under 14 days will have a surcharge of $10 Plus Shipping if not local.

Lastly You can also Choose to Sell Us The Item upfront or you can request us to set up an Auction via Ebay under our Trustworthy Account with 100% Feedback.

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